Monday, December 20, 2004

Meanings of Life : (1) Friendship

The title of this writing suddenly came up to my mind, as i reflected on what i have experienced this weekend. I spent a day with two persons who i haven't known them that close before, and it seems that we started a new friendship, and i'm sure it will be a great one. It started on the train, trip to Dortmund, in which we came up with 'crazy' quotes, then we also found out some of our habits (crazy ones).

On Saturday (December 18th 2004) evening, i spent it more or less with my bodyguards (heheheh), and we're talking about what i had experienced concerning my feelings, one main issue for the last couple of weeks. And before i could even went to bed on early Sunday (December 19th 2004), i have a friend who's sooooo kind to modify things concerning my blog.
On Sunday (December 19th 2004), i spent it the whole day with my Indonesian friends. We had fun, and of course, we had tongseng.

I was quite amazed with what i have actually. I have friends who are really (and i said REALLY) understands me, and the most important thing is that they're act naturally. You know, sometimes, there are some people who couldn't act naturally. They just do something because they're afraid that other people will just look at them, and thinks that they're strange. Well, i've been in that stage before, i had it enough, that's why, i started to build my own personality by being myself. It turns out, to be not bad. It's actually nice to be yourself.

And one of the greatest gifts God gave me, is that i have friends who are acting naturally wherever i met them. I'm so thankful to God for that, because it actually develop myself to just dig my potential out, and i like that. I always interested in knowing about potential, abilities and that kind of stuffs. You know, life is easier whenever you work in the area which is basically has a good connection with your potential and ability. It makes your life more productive, dynamic and fun.

Friends are your needs answered, said Khalil Gibran. And for me, it is trully true. John Ortberg says that if the time has come, and you will be in front of God, He won't ask you about how many good deeds that you already done in your life, but He will ask you, what have you done with what He gave you. And one of His gifts is friendship, or in other words ... FRIENDS.

What have you done to them ? How you value them ?

If, in this world, you sometimes have painful situations regarding to your relationship, building a friendship, you always have two choices; whether you will just leave them, or whether you will just choose them to be your friends by trying to adjust yourself by forgiving them with whatever they already done to you. In some cases, i'm learning to do the second one. It's not easy, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible to do. One pastor in Hannover mentioned that it is us who decided whether someone could be our friend or not, and also it is us who decided until which level the friendship would be.

But i also learned, that God never created us to be a single fighter. He always give us our surroundings, friends, for us to live. In a sense that, by doing things together, the better the result will be.

So then again, my question is, how do you value your friends ?
For me, if i could, i would value them as my treasure :)

Sunday, December 19th 2004
Beatrixstraat 74

Ime' ...
friends are your needs answered
-Khalil Gibran-


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