Monday, June 20, 2005

Es Podeng : Refresh Your Day with It ;)

This is one of the type of ices in Indonesia. It is called Es Podeng. I don't have to mention what's in it. I think it's bread, pink 'cincau' (jelly stuffs), and ketan hitam (help me guys with the english words).

This one i bought it for Rp. 4000,00 per cup ... around 30 - 40 euro cents. It's resfreshing and it's great. I love it ;) You should try ;)

Top View of Es Podeng ;)) Lekaahhh Boss, Lekaaahhhh :D Posted by Hello


Anonymous saut said...

halo me'..dimana posisi?

probably black sticky rise = ketan hitam =D

10:45 PM  
Blogger [galadriel] said...

Mo nambahin dikit aja...
cincau = grass jelly
ketan hitam = black glutinuous rice

8:26 AM  

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