Sunday, July 03, 2005

A great words that speak to me :)

Ku mau slalu bersyukur,
Sbab cintaMu padaku takkan pernah berubah
hatiku percaya ...

walau bumi bergoncang,
gunung-gunung beranjak,
namun kasih setiaMu,
tak pergi dariku ...

- True Worshipper -

These lines were taken from a song in the latest True Worshippers' album called Shine Like Stars (available on CD and cassette), and this lines i put it also in front of my first novel, Cinta, Cita dan Kehidupan ... because these lines, that brighten up my days, walking in this year of The Trust Challenge.

A year in which i wrote lots of articles and writings and hope i could publish it so to be a blessing for all of you :)

Thanks for True Worshippers :) you guys really help me to move forward ;)

ime' ...


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