Saturday, August 06, 2005

Angels and Demons : Unputdownable Book

I have read the book called Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I have to admit that i'm really really really like this book in some aspects.

To be honest, this book is somehow a horror to me. Why ? If you read it, then you'll know. Dan Brown wrote this book in such a way, that he could draw the reader, so that they could imagine themselves, or at least feel (or was it just me ?) the real situation he described. The way he wrote it gave me an inspiration on how to write a good novel.

I also like the message that he tried to convey. Probably people will think about Catholics and things like that. But this book is not about that. This book is more about humanity rather than religion. Try to see it in a different point of view.

I haven't read the Da Vinci's Code though, a book that give quite a lot of comments, especially from Christians. But then again, i think probably we could learn something, if ... only if ... we put ourselves in another point of view.

Angels and Demons, really kick some ass man ;)

An applause for Dan Brown :)

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Blogger Savitri said...

Hi Me, I've read Da Vinci Code but not Angels and Demons. And well, after reading it, I thought many were just over-reacted. Indeed, he wrote his theory in a very convincing way, but hey, that's what writers do, isn't it? And about whether one is convinced or not, that's up to the readers to make up their mind.

8:25 PM  
Blogger ime' said...

yeah, i'm agree with you. even in here, one of indonesian tabloid (i think it was a christian one that my friend brought along) mention about one of catholic priests comments about that book. it was mentioned at the front page. and i thought to myself, is it really that 'strong' ? but, i think they just over reacted with it :D and the only way to find out is just read it by ourselves and let us judge it according to our understanding.

1:15 PM  

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