Saturday, August 27, 2005

They Are In The Middle Of Us ...

A Reflection From The Indonesian Idol Concert in Surabaya

I was watching the Indonesian Idol concert in Surabaya last night. I arrived at nine or so from my dutch class. My brother in law was sitting there in our blue sofa, under the underconstruction roof. He was watching the television as i enter the room. I saw an 'Indonesian Idol' symbol on the televison, that made me wonder, was it Indonesian Idol performance ?

"It's their concert in Surabaya," my brother in law said. I was so tired, since for the whole week i have to be out side the house from the morning 'til late evening. Lots of things that i had to do, Monday i went for Farhad's celebration (whatever it was) in Plaza Senayan. Tuesday and Friday, i had my classes. Wednesday i went out with Muhy, chatting about our dreams and desires, our works and things like that. Thursday i went for cell group. This evening i planned to go to Oxygen, cause there will be a United Live concert and Sy Rogers will be the preacher. Sunday, i'll be out there on the basketball field, catching up my stamina in basketball. So, basically, i am tired.

Anyway, i was watching those concert from 'til the end. There i saw Firman, a rock singer who sang The Way You Look At Me by Christian Bautista which was really great. And i have to admit that he sang it better than Christian himself. Then, i saw Judika, a person who really make such a great progress in the Indonesian Idol training program. He's creative in the way he sing a song, he's flexible, and lots of things. I saw Mike, a singer who touched me with a song called 'Bunda' that he dedicated it to his mother on the top three spectaculer show.

I also saw Maya, such a powerful singer, yet she wasn't relax enough when she was in the spectaculer. Monita, a very young girl who has a voice that could swing you a lot to the relaxing mode. And other people.

Then suddenly, i look at them one by one as they sang the 'Idola Indonesia' song that becomes the Indonesian Idol's theme song. I pictured them before they went up to that stage. They were just the same as us. Yet now ... they're stars.

I thought to myself while i watched that program. Every single stars, who we usually called as celebrity, was in the middle of us. And the next stars are still in the middle of us.

Everyday i always take a busway to my office. So many people inside, that we have to be compacted in one bus (don't compare it with connexxion). But then i thought to myself, the person who stands next to me, could be a celebrity tomorrow. A person who is sitting in front of me, could be a celebrity by the end of the year. And ... there's also a chance that i would be a celebrity at the end of the month, or something like that. We never know.

But one thing for sure and i guess should be remembered, skill may bring you to the top, but only character that will keep you there ... i think that would be enough to be remembered, applied and so on and so forth. God will lead us to the promise, indeed. But, it is still us, who determine our future :)

ime' ...
bila aku berdiri tegar sampai hari ini bukan karena kuat dan hebatku, semua karena cinta ... (Glenn Friedly)


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