Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Transition

Well, i don't know why i'm writing this thing. It's just poped up to my mind recently.

Working in here is not really as easy as in Netherlands. In terms of ... i have more responsible in here, rather than in The Netherlands. I have my family, especially my Dad, who needs attention from me.

I have my nieces and nephews, my sisters, my brother in laws, and other people.

I have my old friends who's now easier to contact with, but quite difficult to see each other.

I have my Dutch course, i have my basketball friends, i have my small groups family (Tebet 2, Tebet 3) that i usually visit twice per week.

I have my own thing, my own time to read my book and to write my novel and of course to do some sports.

Not only that ...

I also have to wash my dad's car, which i usually do it by myself at home.

And the other thing is ... i need a time with God, since i know that i need to thank Him and i need to ask him to give me strength.

There are some other things, but i'm only a person.

I have to wake up at 5 every morning, and sleep at the latest 12 in the evening. Especially in those evening when i set my time to meet my friends in the smallgroup.

I spent the first half hour to regain my soul (ngumpulin nyawa :D) and also read some verses from the bible and pray. Pray to ask God to strengthen me, as i'm going to do my activities. It becomes a habit for me, so a habit that if i don't do that, i couldn't have the peace that i need for the day.

Another half an hour i spent it for some little exercise, just move my body a bit and drink milk. That would be my breakfast.

Another half an hour i spent it to take a bath, dress up, preparing to go to work.

Then another one and quarter hour, i spent it to take my nephew to school, and go to work.

Then i work ... until four o'clock.

At four i go home, and arrived home approximately at 5.30 PM.

I watch news on television with my Dad until 6.30 while eating my dinner. Take a bath, drink my milk ... and suddenly ... 8 PM.

Then i continue writing or reading until 9 or 10 PM.

Afterwards, usually i pray and go to sleep.

But not everyday i'm doing this. I have Dutch course on Tuesday and Friday, i have smallgroup on Thursday.

Looks like a routinity, right ? Well, i hope not ... i do hope not ...

Well, it's a transition ... and you know what ? Just like what Kompas had said last June, "Setiap Hari Adalah Perubahan" (as i could remember), every day is a change. So ... i want to enjoy every change in me ... though am a bit tired, but as long as it worth for, then i'm in :D

You need transitions anyway, otherwise you'll live a boring life :D

ime' ...


Anonymous johnpedward at yahu dot com said...

henrietttaaa imeldaaa :p

your name sound so familiar. gimme a buzz, will you.

5:06 AM  
Anonymous truegossiper said...

"You need transitions anyway, otherwise you'll live a boring life.."

And we got tons of transitions at :p

Gue tunggu di sana ya.. Hehehehe

11:13 AM  
Blogger ime' said...

hohoohoho ... gue jadi penasaran sama ... i'll visit that transition zone later on :D

12:54 PM  

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