Friday, September 16, 2005

Good Boss, Bad Boss

You know, i have a boss, big boss, when i was interviewed to enter this company, he's defined as the user.

What i don't understand is that, lots of people said that he's a good boss, i don't understand why, but probably now i understand why.

He's an easy going boss, in terms of outside of work, he's OK. We sometimes laughed on one another, and with other officemates, we're teasing each other. He's completely different with the owner of the company.

But then, i realize, that the amount of work that he gave to me, is tremendously huge, in terms of quantity and also quality.

Which then, makes me wonder, what is the parameter to determine whether our boss is good, or not ?

Ah ... dear boss dear boss ...

ime' ...


Anonymous smoong said...

the parameter is either he's good to you or not. so if he's given you a tremendous amount of work, it means he's a BAD boss, who just wanna use u and make u as his slave. an amount of work has to be equal with your salary and your position. are you being paid good enough ? i don't think so ..

*kipas teruss lol*

4:08 PM  
Blogger ime' said...

hahahahaha ... you got that right bro. the thing is, it's not only me who experienced these kind of stuffs. you should've know, that most of indonesian people are treated the same as i do, but they don't get enough salary. for instance, recently i've heard that if you work as an accountant in a bank, then you won't get enough salary, even it is the most reputable bank ever. but of course that's in indonesia :D i don't know how does it work abroad :D

well, it's our country anyway :D

*kipas ? pake' ac dong *tring**

7:56 AM  

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