Monday, September 12, 2005

Hanging Out with You Guys ...

Mmm ... i had a great Saturday evening. So great, cause i went to Oxygen, a community in which bunch of high school kids around to worship the great God Almighty.

Have to admit, it was a great one. Since we could bang our head together, stepping aside freely, and do lots of things more. And i couldn't imagine, how fun was it when Hillsong United Live came by on last two weeks. Ckckckckck ... must be rockin' :D

I know i'm old (wakakakakakakk), but trust me, being around them doesn't make me feel that old. And i guess, you guys have also to admit, that my face is still looking like 12 years old kiddo (wakakakakakakakakak).

And note this down, the oxygen'ers will have their live recording on November 16th 2005. Where ? Of course, in our new building, behind the Hotel Nikko at Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta. Annex Building to be precise, and see, our faith there. Once more, congratulations, and celebrations ...

By the way, i do agree, that every Sunday, is the day when we celebrate the living God of ours.

ime' ...


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