Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Miss you so much ...

everytime i think of you,
i cried,
yet i smiled,
cause i'm thankful that i met you,
and spent lots of time with you ...

everytime i see you on that picture,
i smiled,
yet i cried,
cause i don't know when will i see you again,
and how can i see you again ...

everytime i say your name in my prayer,
i cried,
yet i smiled,
cause i know that God will keep you save,
although this earth is full with human's morality grave ...

is it me or is it this earth,
that made me think about reality ?
a moment, a condition,
in which we learned about the difference between
cruel things and serenity ...

to you .... my twaio friends ...
what i've got from you guys are eternal in this heart of mine ...

ime' ...


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