Monday, September 26, 2005

Realistic or ... Unsatisfy ?

Two words that always come to my mind. This is realistic, or just feeling unsatisfy with the present conditions ?

Between ...
idealistic and needs ?
Which one you hold on to, your idealism or your needs ?
Once you chose it, then think about those people who works in the Government.

Between ...
the glory in the past and the suffering in the present.
Which one you hold on to, your glory in the past, or your suffering in the present ?
Once you chose it, then think about those people who's desperately insane because of their present conditions.

Between ...
the easy things, but cause debts or difficult things, but cause wealth ? though it takes quite a lot of time.
Which one you hold on to ? Easy with debts, difficult but wealth ?
Once you chose it, then reflect on the increasing price of oil in Indonesia.

Between ...
friendships that last forever, tested by time and distance, or a friendship that last one moment that doesn't have anything to hinders it ?
Which one you hold on to ? An everlasting friendship, though being tested ? Or a short moment, but no need to be tested ?
Once you chose it, then reflect on ... us ...

Realistic ? Or am i just being unsatisfy ?

And you ... are you just being realistic, or you just being unsatisfy ?

There is a moment when we have to be realistic, indeed ... but in life, we should be unsatisfy on every single thing we have achieved. Cause when we're being satisfy, sometimes, we'll give up, and be ... realistic ... 'cause i'm to old for this or for that ...' and that will make us static instead of dinamyc as we should have become ...

ime' ...
after i thought about the turbo volvo that was ride by Kong Hee in Germany at 150 km/hr, but actually he could ride it at 250 km/hr ... realistic ? or unsatisfy ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:35 AM  
Anonymous smoong said...

kong hee ? oh not him again. *taking another pill of tylenol*

10:10 PM  
Blogger ime' said...

hah ? emangnya ade ape ame Kong Hee ? *gossip mode ... on off :D*

8:34 AM  

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