Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Do They Have To Leave School ?

I was reading newspaper yesterday, when i found a news about our surroundings. The news mentioned about the possibility that lots of kids will be abandoned, not only the food quality that they're taking everyday, but also ... they have to leave school, and work to help their parents.

It's quite sad ... because, i had so much fun when i was in school.

I could play around with my friends at my own age, and i could also learned things, like basketball (my sweet sweet love :D).

I found it sad, because probably, because of the increase of the fuel price, lots of kids will have to leave school and ... yah ... just stop right there.

Kompas, October 9th 2005 said that based on the statistics on 2004, at the elementary school level, there were 650.000 kids had had left school; junior highschool around 150.000 (this one i forgot, but less than the elementary school, but it reached hondreds thousand), and senior high school reached 45.000.

So ... there's a possibility that these numbers will increase.

Then again, me and my friends were thinking, what if we collect some moeny for instance 50 thousand rupiahs a month, and we distributed it to those kids. Do you agree with me ? Because for sure, i don't think that the government could handle this kind of stuffs to the details. So ... we have to make a movement, and help those kids so that they could get to school.

So, what do you say, guys ? Are you in or not ?

ime' ...


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