Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hospital : An (Bad) Experience in One of Jakarta's Best Hospitals

Hi hi ... this time i want to tell you guys a story about a hospital in Jakarta, which is actually known as one of the best, but i found it not really ... bad to be precise.

Last night i was taking my dad to this hospital. The nurse called to make sure that my dad wanted to come to the hospital. She was calling around quarter to seven in the evening. My dad's appointment is at seven thirty.

Nurse : "Hi, is this dr. Rambitan's home ?"
Me : "Yes, it is. Can i help you ?"
Nurse : "Yes, is dr. Rambitan going to the hospital this evening ?"

I looked to my dad who was eating at the time.
Me : " Dad, you wanna go ?"
Dad : "Yes, of course"

Then i answered again the phone
Me : "Yes, he wanted to,"
Nurse : "Oke"
Me : "It's 7:30 right ?"
Nurse : "He (my dad) can come now if he wants"
Me : " Oke then"

Then i asked my dad whether he wanted to go at the time, or just wait until 7 or 7.30. My dad decided to go right away, so he was quickly finished his dinner, and get dressed. While i walked to the garage to heat up the car.

We were then in the hospital finally. We arrived at 7.15, and were waiting and waiting and waiting. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I was tired, and i was going to study a bit dutch, and continuing my novel. I was impatience, and my dad said to me "Het is nog niet half acht (It's not 7.30 yet)". And then someone's coming, wearing that doctor's wear. My dad then said "Hij is hier (He's here)" and when that guy came closer, he said "Aaa ... hij is nog niet hier (He's not here yet)".

I was then waiting until 8 o'clock when i came to the receptionist.

Me : "Sorry, is dr. T**** coming ?"
Receptionist : "No, he's not here yet"
Me : "When will he come ?" (my voice was higher, i was upset)
Receptionist : "Soon"
Me : "Listen Mam, it's already 8 o'clock and the appointment was 7.30, when will he come ?"
Receptionist : "Soon"
Me : (Grumble while walking away from the receptionist) "What kind of doctor that keeping his patients waiting for so long ?"

I was then waiting and waiting and waiting. I was so upset and start complaining. What is this ? He should've known that he's a doctor and he has to (at least) give a notification to his patients if he has a delayed or something like that. Even for traffic jam.

My dad then calling one of the nurse.

Dad : "Do you have a thermometer ?"

I was shocked when he asked that. How in the world he would ask for a thermometer ?

Nurse : "Yes we have, doctor. But, it is better if you just lay down on that room,"
Dad : "Which one ?"
Nurse : "There" (the nurse point out to one room)
Dad : "Oke"

My dad was standing, but he was a little bit dizzy i think, thus he wasn't in the stable position. Almost falling. Then i hold his right arm and try to support him. I was then walking with him to the room that was appointed by the nurse.

The other nurse then was helping my dad to lay down on one of the bed in that room, and afterwards put the thermometer in my dad's arm pit. My dad laid down, and he close his eyes. I guess he was very tired.

I came out from that room, and start to stare at the receptionist, sinical. It was like, i was telling them, 'I hate your doctor !!!'

I was waiting and waiting and waiting, when my dad calling me.

Dad : "Is he here yet ?"
Me : "No, not yet. Just sleep. I'll tell you,"

Then my dad slept again.

I went to the receptionist again and start to ask in a very high voice.

Me : "Mam, is dr. T**** coming or not ???"
One of the nurse : "He's coming"
Me : "When ???? MY DAD IS SICK ALREADY !!!"
One of the nurse : "He's in the parking lot"
One of the nurse : "Fifteen minutes"

I was then silent and look at the clock on the wall. It was 8.20 PM.

Me : "Oke ... 15 minutes ..."

I was then walking away from the receptionist and starting to say 'THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST HOSPITAL IN JAKARTA ??? GET REAL !!!!'

I think it was quarter to nine when the receptionist was calling, to say that it was my dad's turn to see this doctor.

Then we went there to see the doctor.

Seriously, by the time i walked in, i hate that doctor so much. He was talking in a very deep voice, but still looking interested to my dad's case. He did taking care of my dad carefully. But, i still don't accepted the way he was treating his patients.

Or probably, this is the way doctor's treated their patients ????

Get real !!! Dear doctors, please repent if you always let your patients waiting for so long without any notifications !!!

ime' ...


Anonymous Yenni said...

cuma mau kasih masukan doang sey.... mendingan jangan ngedumel gitu........ ngomong langsung ama dokternya juga.. supaya dia tau, siapa tau dia termasuk orang yang mau belajar dari kesalahan? kalo enggak ... hmm, ya sudah lah.... hehehehe.....

7:26 PM  
Blogger ime' said...

heheheh ... memang. i should've talked to him about that yesterday, but i didn't. gue udah kesel setengah mati soalnya. daripada die gue sembur ? mendingan gue diemin dulu. tapi, gue cuman bingung aja, apa yang namanya tradisi 'jam karet' itu udah sedemikian biasanya bagi orang-orang kita, sehingga, kita terbiasa untuk nggak ngasih tau kenapa kita terlambat ? yah, mudah2an next time, gue lebih bisa berkepala dingin, dan mau negur dia. lucu aja sih menurut gue. orang sakit kok disuruh nunggu ? gue pengen tau, kalo' dia digituin sama orang lain (pas lagi sakit), suka nggak yah dia ? respon dia kayak gimana ?

8:30 AM  

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