Friday, November 11, 2005

A Lesson From One of My Nieces ...

Right now, i have 4 nephews and 4 nieces. I have one nephew and one niece staying with me at my dad's house.

My niece who's staying with me is very funny. She's very girly (her mother said, she's more Manadonese than any Manadonese ever), always proud to be a girl (wajkakakakakakak), and she's very bossy.

One day, i had to take care of my niece and my nephew. So i played with them. Not really playing actually. I was very tired, so we didn't play physically (running around and those kind of stuffs. yes, i'm running around the house with them :P) we only play easy things.

My niece, named Lingkan (took from my mom's name), likes to play as if she's a 'kapper' (ik weet niet wat is kapper in het engels :D). Kapper is a hairdresser i think.

Anyway, Lingkan loves to play with our hair. Her mom's, her dad's, her older brother, and me. And lately, she likes to treat our feet. She likes to wash it, and do things with our feet. The thing is, she's doing it so great that we really enjoy it and sometimes ask her to do it again and again. Well, at least i do :D.

One day, when i played with her, she start to sing. She loves to sing. Gosh, she really loves it. As if the world was made as a stage for her to sing. She loves to dance as well.

Ok, so she' s singing. She sang a song that's very simple, but yet, it touched me. As if God said something to me.

This is the song :

Burung pipit yang kecil,
dikasihi Tuhan,
terlebih diriku,
dikasihi Tuhan ...

Bunga bakung di ladang,
diberi keindahan,
terlebih diriku,
dikasihi Tuhan ...

(it's about a little bird which fly to here and there, but God keep it alive by providing it its food in the nature. The second verse is about a lily that grew sort of like a wild flower. But yet God gave it beauty anyway. If God could do that both for the bird and the lily, then God could do it even more to us. That was the moral message of it).

I was staring at her when she start to change her song and wanted to sing another. But then i stopped her, and i ask her to sing the song (the bird and lily song) one more time. This time, i recorded it in my handphone. It became my ring tone now, whenever someone is calling me :)

Every now and then, i always hear her singing that song. A simple song, but yet it is powerful. Especially when a little kid like Lingkan (she's 4 years old) sing it for me :)

She learned it from school. Not the Sunday school, but her school.

Well, i do learned a lot from her and her older brother. Sometimes, we do need to do those childish things. Not the nasty one, but only the sincerely things. Cause little kids have lots of it. At least, that's what i've learn :)

Thanks Lingkan, i love you even more :)

ime' ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey..itu lagu kesukaan gw juga di sekolah minggu, selain Yesus pokok yah..(anyway..judulnya bener Yesus POkok ngga ya?)


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