Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Note from A Warnet

I'm sitting here, in one of Warnet (Warung Internet, Internet Cafe) nearby. Well, this internet cafe has quite fast connection. I was downloading a 5 MB pdf file from the internet, and it took me only like 10 minutes or so. Comparing to the internet at my office or at home, this one is really something (got the information from Tendra actually :D. Thanks, Ten).

I can enjoy streaming some songs from yahoo, though it's using the 'low connection' thingy (because it's for free), it sounds great. The connection in here is great.

While i'm waiting to download these files, i'm reading some papers about simulations foe LNG. Well, i have this simulation test on Thursday. It's quite strange though, cause i haven't seen the program (but i could finally use the old version from a friend for practising), and i'm not really familiar with this LNG process.

So, you can imagine, i have to work extra hard to study these two things, in the same time and i also have to arrange some of my activities outside work. And i have to skip continuing my novel, because i have to study.

Tired? Not really... Panick is the correct word actually :D.

But then again, all i can do is do my best.

I do hope that i could pass this test. I really do... Cause if i fail, i don't know when i can get this kind of opportunity in the future again. So, i do hope, that i could pass this test.

Would you guys (and girls) help me by praying for me to face the test? Cause i need it a lot. Especially your encouraging words. I love my friends' encouraging words :)

Ok then, i'll see you when i see you. I have to study again now ;)


PS: I'll color this post next time, OK? Forgive me for the un'eye-catching' color of today's writing :)



Blogger Ophi said...

Meeee tes LNG teh apaan?

Pokoe yang terbaik buat dirimu lahhh
Semangat yahhhhh
Jangan lupa makan baso

12:33 PM  
Anonymous vidya said...

Meee... buat tes tho? Moga2 oke yah, sorry ga bisa banyak bantu. Wish you all the best

8:38 AM  
Blogger merlyna lim said...

Meee, wish you the best. May the Force be with your brain! (big F, Me).
mau LNG, LPG, atau gas apapun... pokoknya selamat & sukses dgn test-nya!

8:55 AM  
Blogger Rihard-Susy-Daniel said...

Semoga sukses Ime! We pray for you...

6:17 PM  
Blogger bkrazif said...

siap siap, ntar balik2 ke indo.. akan lebih lama lagi lhoo saluran internetnya . hehehe

btw pa kabar nih?

11:31 PM  

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