Monday, June 08, 2015

(6/52) There's a Reason for Everything...

You know why I'm running? Wake up early in the morning, sometimes when it is still dark? You know why? That's actually a preparation for this:


To chase after the ball.

I still remember one time, when I was in the Netherlands. I didn't really know that I could run that fast to chase this ball. It was our sprint exercise, I didn't feel like running. Then my coach asked me, "Ime', why didn't you run like you used to?" Terus, gue bilang, "Because I didn't have anything to run for..." Then my coach took a ball, and said, "Oh yaa??? Try to fetch this ball!" then he threw it as hard as he could, so I ran.

Gue kemudian belajar bahwa gue adalah orang yang perlu untuk melihat tujuan di depan, sebelum akhirnya bisa memacu gue sendiri. Yes, I have my teammates, but on top of that, I just feel the joy of running, take the ball and score. Ada masa-masa di mana kemenangan sebuah tim itu tergantung dari kita juga. Saat kita bisa menyemangati diri kita sendiri and run for the ball. Tapi, tentu saja, semuanya itu nggak lepas dari disiplin di masa-masa persiapan.

So, I love to run, because I know, that is actually a preparation to do something bigger in front of me: chasing the ball and score! 

There's a reason for everything, find yours!

Picture was taken from this link:^zzz000^YY^ID&itbv=^B3Q^zzz000^YY^ID&apn_ptnrs=^B3Q&o=APN11004&gct=kwd&pf=V7&tpid=SGT-V7&trgb=FF&pt=tb&apn_uid=B1DA9861-6F31-498E-9876-DE977E1F87B7&doi=2014-07-30&q=basketball&tpr=10&ctype=pictures&imgsize=all&safeSearch=off&imgDetail=true


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