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Energy Alternative : A Problem or Opportunity ?

Hmmm ... energy ... one of my wildest dreams is to go beyond my knowledge and believe in procuring energy for the world. Why ? Well, i don't know. I just like to make things better and of course ... cheaper, so that not so many people grumbling around and blaming the regering van Indonesie ( read : the government of Indonesia).

Well, energy alternative has been a 'hot' issue not only in Indonesia, but also in my chemical engineer's community. Too bad, not in my office, that's why i'm actually a bit stuck with my work in the office :D But never mind, this is another story.

What made me excited about energy alternative, is that the source of it we could actually find it everywhere.

First, Biodiesel. Don't you know that it came from waste ? There are some types of biodiesel, we could use plants (those thing with branches and leaves) orrr ... we could use waste (those thing that you ate, but you didn't finished it. Or maybe those thing that you always give it away, usually in the morning, and usually you do that in the toilet) as well. Fun ? Yeah !!! Interesting !!! Thus ... not so many people care about it.

Second, Sunlight. This is not the sunlight, the thing that we use to wash our dishes though, but it is this shiny thingy that make us sweating and sometimes complaining because of the heat it generated. But the thing is, if we could just store those heat, we could probably make our own power generator. We don't need to buy electricity from PLN again :D.

Third, Gas !!! We have sooooo many gas wells !!! But we never process it into GTL (Gas to Liquid) products. Probably we do now :D. But yah, we need to be more persistent in it :D Or probably there are lots of birocacy in this country ? Well, i don't know actually. But gas, could be processed to be a diesel type of fuel. Nice haey ?

There are probably many things that we could use to generate power. But ... how many people realize that ?

I believe that everything is worth something. Well, energy can not be created, and can not be vanished right ? It can only transform into another form :) I love this law of nature (read : Thermodynamics).

But then again, how do we see it ?

Biodiesel thingy for instance. The government already developed it, but it's still very expensive. So, we need to think more about it. But at least, some of the institutions' cars already using this thing. That's a start.

The solar energy, lots of people said that it cost lots of lots of lots of money. Is it a problem or a challenge ? We'll just have to think another energy storage which is cheaper :).

Now, you see how much i love about this energy issue thingy ? Well, hopefully one day, i could really jump into this issue as full timer :D. But then again, someone telling me this morning that that one day in the future, starting today :D.

C'mon guys, let's all together work hand in hand to succeeding this briliant ideas of the intelectuals ;)

By the way, if you could walk to your office, why bother to take your car ? Just use the public transportation :) By doing it like that, we preserve more fuel, and we also increase the bus driver's incomes :D. Or ... just use or initiate car pooling thingy :).

Or not ????

Save the energy for our next generations ;)

ime' ...


Blogger fitri said...

imeee.. kok heel klopt sm yg ik baca hari ini.. iyak, biodiesel (atawa biogas), panas bumi, kincir angin (ah.. jadi teringat holland and deutschland) atau etanol kaya Belgia (eh, belgia apa brasil ya? :-?)..
Hidup energi alternatip!!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Ophi said...

me hihihi sunlight sabun yah..bodor ah kamyu

oh kalo nuklir gimana me?
di eropah2 kan pake nuklir tuh
jd listrik murah bisa ngga kira2 di RI?

6:11 PM  
Blogger Virgil Libertas said...

Very nice blog. The US movement to biodiesel woulf be a welcome change considering the amount of agricultural crops produced. Pres. Carter tried to push for this during the 70's unfortunately it never took off. The grass roots on the right and left will have to push hard to make this work.

7:21 AM  
Blogger ime' said...

pitri :
hehehehe ... gue juga tadi pagi kepikiran holland dengan kincir anginnya yang bisa generate listrik dari situ. makanya, harusnya, indonesia itu bisa dengan energi dari matahari-nya, soalnya kita banyak banget matahari. cuman mungkin, masih belum ketemu cara gimana store energi dengan biaya yang murah. temen-temen gue sih ngusulin biogas, dari kotoran manusia :D. tadi malem, ada temen gue bilang, di nepal, di pedalamannya, ada yang pake' kotoran sapi terus dijadiin kayu bakar. interesting huh ? :D dan dari artikel yang dibuat temen gue, kita itu sebenarnya punya bahan bakar gas. udah ada station-nya (16 of zo), tapi ternyata kurang populer :D marketingnya mereun nya' :D

nuklir sih bisa aja. memang udah ada yang mikirin kok disini. cuman mungkin kendalanya, expertise-nya kita punya nggak yah ? :D

virgil :
i think everybody now has to start thinking about energy alternative. otherwise, we have to choose between today's happiness or tomorrow's sorrow :D or not ?

7:59 AM  

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